Until recently Design For Advertising has been bound by a number of non-disclosure agreements which have prevented us from bringing these techniques to the Internet at large.
For the first time ever, the Design For Advertising team is now available as a resource for you and your business. Ready to kick your web presence into high-gear? We will take your online campaign to the next level... we guarantee it.
Design for Advertising (DFA) caters to the e-marketing arena. Whether you are an affiliate, advertiser, affiliate network or any other type of online business; Design for Advertising will work relentlessly to get you the numbers you want. We pride ourselves in consistently increasing click-thru / conversion rates on a large scale. In some cases we have even improved campaign performance over 1000%.
For the past 3 years the DFA staff has been working behind the scenes for some of the largest networks, affiliates and advertisers in the online world. By utilizing the very best tracking technology available we have been able to fine-tune our clients’campaigns and create results that far exceed their expectations. Over time we have developed winning strategies and proven formulas for a wide range of business models. In this business there is simply no room for guess work.
We are well aware of how expensive it can be to market agressively online. If you are not creating high-quality impressions and converting the sale those dollars just fly down the drain. Because of this, some networks' bank accounts are overflowing while yours are simply withering away. Design for Advertising offers excellent return on investment... In most cases compared to your online marketing budget, we work for pennies on the dollar.
DFA has a deep understanding of
e-marketing and the vocabulary that comes with it. The always friendly Design For Advertising team will work closely with you from the projects initial concepts to the design phase and on through to pulling the trigger and going live. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or fairly new to the business, Design For Advertising almost certainly has something to offer you.

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